No man is completely protect women because of the push; however they should be guarded of the employment of (following) expedients:

step 1. I’m able to now propound the latest endless regulations having a spouse and you may his spouse exactly who stick to the way away from responsibility, whether they feel united otherwise split up.

2. Night and day woman should be stored in reliance of the men (of) their (families), and, whenever they install on their own so you can erotic enjoyments, they must be leftover below a person’s handle.

3. Her father handles (her) macht Slowakisch Frauen wie amerikanische Männer in childhood, their particular husband covers (her) from inside the youth, along with her sons include (her) for the senior years; a woman has never been complement independence.

4. Reprehensible is the father who gets not (his daughter in-marriage) from the right big date; reprehensible ‘s the spouse exactly who steps not (their wife inside the due 12 months), and you may reprehensible ‘s the son who not cover his mommy immediately following their spouse has passed away.

5. Female need certainly to particularly be guarded facing worst tendencies, not trifling (they might come); having, if they are maybe not safeguarded, might offer sadness into the one or two family members.

seven. The guy just who meticulously shields their wife, saves (the fresh purity from) his offspring, virtuous run, their nearest and dearest, themselves, with his (means of acquiring) quality.

nine. Given that male should be to exactly who a wife cleaves, but is the child just who she brings out; help him therefore very carefully shield his spouse, to help keep their offspring natural.

eleven. Allow the (husband) employ their (wife) regarding the collection and expense from their riches, in accordance (everything) brush, for the (the newest fulfilment out-of) spiritual obligations, from the planning from their dining, and in handling the household products.

twelve. Women, confined in the home around reliable and you may obedient servants, aren’t (well) guarded; but those who of one’s own accord continue protect more than on their own, are very well guarded.

fourteen. Women do not look after beauty, nor is the interest repaired with the age; (thinking), ‘(It is adequate you to) he’s a person,’ they supply by themselves on handsome in order to the new unattractive.

fifteen. As a result of their passion for dudes, using their mutable feeling, due to their absolute heartlessness, they feel unfaithful with the its husbands, although not very carefully they’re protected within (world).

sixteen. Knowing the disposition, which the Lord from animals placed in them from the design, are instance, (every) man is extremely intensely use himself to safeguard them.

17. (When designing them) Manu assigned to feminine (a love of the) sleep, (of its) chair and (of) design, impure desires, wrath, dishonesty, malice, and you may crappy conduct.

This new husband, once conception from the his spouse, gets an enthusiastic embryo which can be produced again away from her; for this is the wifehood of a wife (gaya), that he’s born (gayate) again of the their unique

18. For women zero (sacramental) rite (is performed) that have sacred messages, thus what the law states try paid; female (who happen to be) destitute regarding energy and you will destitute out of (the information and knowledge from) Vedic texts, (try given that

19. And so it impression of several sacred texts are sung including inside the new Vedas, so you’re able to (make) fully known the true vibe (of women); pay attention to (now those texts and therefore relate to) new expiation of the (sins).

Drinking (spirituous alcoholic beverages), associating with wicked people, bling overseas, asleep (in the unseasonable circumstances), and you can house various other men’s room home, may be the half a dozen factors behind the brand new damage of women

20. ‘If my personal mommy, heading astray and you can unfaithful, created illegal wishes, get dad remain that vegetables out-of me,’ that is the scriptural text message.

21. When the a lady thinks in her own heart of whatever carry out soreness their spouse, the fresh (above-said text) are stated (are an easy method to own) totally deleting such as for example infidelity.